If you have ever needed a ☄ Comet Symbol for work or school, but could not find it on your keyboard, you can copy and paste the symbol above or by clicking the button below. If you need more ways to use a ☄ Comet Symbol in your document or file, see the code examples below.

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Code Examples

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Comet Codes

Below you can find Unicode, Hex, HTML, and CSS Codes for the ☄ Comet Symbol. Simply highlight and copy the code you need. Please note that if there is an HTML Entity Code for the Comet Symbol, it will also be displayed.




Hex Code




CSS Code

Comet Code Examples

Below you can find HTML and CSS examples for your website or application for the ☄ Comet Symbol. Simply highlight and copy the code you need, and paste it into you text, HTML or CSS code editor.

HTML Example

<span> &#9732; </span>

CSS Example

span {
   content: "\2604";

Learn more on Wikipedia

If you'd like to learn more about the ☄ Comet Symbol, or typography and dingbat symbols, please visit Wikipedia.

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